Affordable Laundry Service, Avon CTEZ Card

Forget searching your pockets and couch cushions for quarters: Rosie’s Laundry Company uses the coinless EZ Card—it’s like a debit card, only better!

Just get an EZ Card at our Card Center and load it with whatever dollar amount you choose, paying with your credit or debit card or cash. Then simply swipe your EZ Card at the washers and dryers; the cost is automatically deducted from your card. Use your EZ Card over and over and reload it whenever you need.

Unlike coins or cash, the EZ Card is secure. Register it with your name and email address and if it’s ever lost or stolen, we can quickly check your balance, cancel the old card and issue you a new one with the balance restored.

Plus—and here’s the best part—when you register your EZ Card, you automatically win money, use the same card every time you visit Rosie’s and points will be accumilated and money added directly to your card. Rosie’s also offers weekly and seasonal specials directly through your EZ Card and email when you join in.  See our Specials Page.


Rosie’s Laundry Company works hard to keep costs down and save you money:

  • Large-capacity washers fit more per load
  • Super-efficient washers extract more water from each load, reducing drying time
  • High-tech water heaters use less fuel, so our costs are lower
  • Energy- lighting and heating systems reduce energy use and costs, too.