Self Service

Rosie’s clean, welcoming environment feels more like a living room than a laundry room. But we don’t want you to move in—we want you to move on, and quickly. How does 40-60 minutes sound?

Fast and Efficient Washers & DryersRosies Laundry Company, Avon CT

Rosie’s Laundry Company is equipped with the latest in German-engineered laundry technology. With our high-speed, high-extraction front load washers, a typical wash cycle takes just 20 minutes!

Compared to other models, these turbo-charged washers use less water and are more energy efficient.  Plus, the head-spinning 200-G force spin cycle removes more water so your laundry takes less time to dry.

Our  washers have variable temperature and wash settings to clean your clothes with care.

  •  Small 20-pound capacity
  •  large, 40-pound capacity
  •  HUGE, 60-pound capacity

Our fuel-efficient natural gas dryers feature multiple temperature settings to gently tumble your clothes dry in as little as 20 minutes.

  •  medium, 30-pound capacity
  •  large, 45-pound capacity

Folding Stations

Custom millwork folding tables, created by local craftsmen, provide ample space and each features an individual TV so you can watch what you choose while you fold.

Concierge Service

Got other errands to run while the washer’s running? Don’t even look at your watch! We’ll take care of it: We’ll gladly move your laundry from the washer to the dryer while you finish your grocery shopping across the street or wrap up other errands around town. No need to rush back. Your laundry will be in safe hands.